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Our Services

We may be a small office but we think we have a pretty broad scope of practice. Most services are complementary for members, with substantial cost savings for those that do have a cost associated with them.

Preventive health

The cornerstone of primary care is striving to live well. We work with men, women, and children of all ages to customize an individually-tailored healthcare plan to balance your lifestyle goals with evidence-based medical guidelines.

Acute care

Unforeseen illness and injury happens to all of us despite our best efforts at prevention. We're here to evaluate and manage many of life's oops moments, potentially saving you a costly trip to urgent care or the emergency department.

DOT CDL examinations

Are you a commercial driver? DOT CDL examinations are complementary for our members! Not a member? We offer this one-time service to non-members for $150.00!

Chronic disease management

Genetics and environmental factors can lead to the development of chronic disease. We are experienced in managing an extensive array of chronic medical conditions, and can save you the time, energy, and cost of seeing specialists when it's not necessary.

Minor procedures

We're skilled at many in-office procedures, both urgent and non-urgent. Need a laceration repair? No problem! Interested in long-acting reversible contraceptives? We've got you covered! Some procedures are included in membership, while others have a small markup to cover the cost of providing the service.

Medical aesthetics

Interested in your skin health and appearance? We have an aesthetics practice too, and primary care members can enjoy discounts on aesthetics services! Want to learn more? Read on, and then schedule your complimentary consultation!

Not all relationships were meant to be.

While we wish we could be all things to all people, there are some areas of medicine we're not skilled in, or services we're unable to offer. When necessary, we'll help refer you to the appropriate specialist and continue to manage what we safely can.

Here are a few areas of medicine we'll be happy to help you find alternate care for:

Controlled substance management

We are not able to manage chronic narcotics, benzodiazepines, or sleep hypnotics, nor do we keep any controlled substances on site. We'll be happy to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia with safer mainstream treatments.


Although we provide a wide range of gynecologic services, we're not able to manage pregnancies. We know of a nearby cash-based practice we can refer you to, or to a local obstetrician or nurse midwife if you prefer. We love babies, though, so when you deliver we would love to welcome your newborn into our practice!

Medical marijuana

Good-quality evidence continues to demonstrate lack of efficacy, with a risk of harm, for marijuana and its derivatives. We don't advise the use of these products and will not be able to write prescriptions for them.

Emotional support animal (ESA) letters

We love our pets like family members! However, animals can pose real risks to people around them when startled or when not properly trained. Before we can write ESA letters, we'll first need documentation of appropriate training and certification.

Vaccination exemption letters

Vaccination against preventable disease is one of the greatest public health achievements of the last century. We fully support and follow the CDC guidelines for childhood vaccination and strongly recommend members of all ages obtain annual influenza vaccines, along with other vaccines as they become available (such as COVID-19). True contraindications to vaccination are rare and exemption letters will only be considered for individuals with these contraindications.

Ready for healthcare that just makes sense?

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