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Botox Injections


Over time, the facial muscles responsible for expression become stronger, and while stronger muscles might be desirable when it comes to toning your body, your facial expression muscles can lead to undesirable deep wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines, and crow's feet. Fortunately, neuromodulators such as Botox can safely soften these effects. Read on to find out why neuromodulators are the most-requested aesthetic service!

Senior Portrait

Forehead lines

Dynamic wrinkles (that show up when you move your facial muscles) may give you an unwanted corrugated appearance to the forehead. Soften these lines, or even remove them altogether!

Man Getting Botox

Frown lines

Frown lines can give an unintentional impression of brooding, or being angry, even when you're not! Fortunately, you can soften this area's appearance and your passive expression!

Couple Laughing

Crow's feet

Laugh lines are often a treasured aspect of reaching your Golden Years, but if crow's feet are strongly present, or at a younger age, we can soften the effect while preserving the ability of your face to "light up" when you smile and laugh!

Facial Treatment

Botox with other services

Botox can be safely administered on the same day as some other treatments, which allows you to target multiple skin appearance concerns in one session!


$14 per unit.

If you're an experienced Botox user (or have used other neuromodulator brands), you likely know how many units you need to achieve your desired effect. For clients who are new to Botox, we always recommend injecting less than the usual dosing to ensure there's not too much effect, and we can top up any areas needing additional strength at your 2 week check up. Regardless, at your complimentary consultation, we will always assess the strength of your facial muscles and make tailored recommendations for your particular needs!

Botox treatments can be more fun with your friends! If you host a Botox party at our office, we'll give you an incentive as the host/hostess towards your aesthetic journey. Contact us today to learn more!

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