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We get it - you have lots of questions, and that's not a bad thing! This model is new to many people, and healthcare is a big investment (as it should rightfully be). We've collected our most commonly asked questions here in the hopes you'll find the answers you're seeking. Still not sure? Schedule a meet & greet and we'll be happy to get your questions answered!

Is DPC considered insurance?

Nope! Nor do we bill insurance for any services (including Medicaid and Medicare). If you think your insurance company will reimburse you for services, we'll be glad to give you a list of services and diagnosis codes for you to submit to your insurance company, although we make no guarantees that your insurance will reimburse you for our services.


What if I already have insurance?

That's okay! We actually recommend obtaining some sort of emergency coverage for the things we don't cover, like emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, and nursing home stays. This can be a high-deductible insurance plan, or a health share ministry, among other options.


How often can I come in?

Accessibility is one of our core values. You should be able to be seen, and call, text and email as much as is necessary to keep you well. We think it's reasonable to include 25 in-person and remote visits per year, with a small per-visit fee after that if you need additional care.


Will you see me in the emergency department, hospital, or nursing home?

As the practice of medicine becomes more advanced, it is increasingly important for physicians to stay at the top of their practice for each area of specialty. Emergency, hospital, and nursing home medicine is best managed by the physicians who do this work all the time, so we'll let them manage you in these circumstances. We will be available however for consultations with your treating physicians, and we'll be ready to pick up your care when you leave these facilities.


How quickly can I get in for an urgent need?

We'll do our best to maintain same- or next-day availability for these exact needs. In some cases, a phone call or video visit could solve the problem; in others, we'll ask you to come in for a visit. Keep in mind that the offered appointments might not be the most convenient for your schedule, but we think an urgent concern merits your flexibility!


What happens if I have a question after hours?

Since we can communicate electronically, you'll have the ability to email, text, or call us based on the urgency of your concern, and we'll direct you to the next steps (which may include going to your nearest emergency center). We'll make arrangements to cover Dr. Crawford's patients if he should be unavailable for care (out of the country, personal illness or injury, etc.).


How will I be billed?

You'll have the flexibility to contract your membership subscription on a  monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, with discounts for prepaying quarterly or annually. All other services (such as prescriptions, labs, in-office procedures, etc.) are payable at the time of service. We are happy to accept cash for those who prefer that payment method!


I'm a seasonal resident, can you still help me?

Sure! We have a limited number of seasonal memberships available on a first come, first serve basis. We'll take care of your local needs while you're here for that contract period, and ask that you direct all your healthcare needs to the physician who cares for you at your other residence when you're out of the area and out of your contract with us.


I have Medicare, Medicaid or TriCare, can you still see me?

Yes we can! Dr. Crawford is able to see anyone regardless of the type of insurance they have (keeping in mind that we don't bill your insurance), and we are still able to order tests, send in prescriptions, and request referrals for most insurances. Certain insurance plans may require tests, prescriptions, and referrals come from an in-network provider; check with your particular insurance company to see if that's the case.

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