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Laser Hair Removal

Laser and IPL services

Our multifunction Candela Nordlys Ellipse platform is capable of targeting numerous skin concerns, such as permanent hair reduction, destruction of age spots and blood vessels, and treatment of acne. Read on to learn more!

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction

A lifetime of shaving or waxing is costly, painful, and risks unsightly razor burn and ingrown hairs. Our Ellipse device has hand pieces and settings that allow us to safely target hair reduction for all skin types. Permanent hair reduction isn't just for those who don't want to shave the usual areas any longer: some athletic gear can chafe in the worst way (for sports such as volleyball, swimming, and dancing), and body builders benefit from having clear, smooth skin without risk razor burn or ingrown hairs right before an important competition!


Brown spots

Sun damage accumulates in pigmented (brown) spots in the skin with time, and are often called liver spots. These solar lentigines are unwelcome suggestions of an aged look that can be removed with light-based treatments. Freckles can also be removed under the same treatment principles. Melasma is an uncommon but difficult to manage condition, and laser reduction of pigmentation can be a helpful adjunct to treatment.

Marble Surface

Vascular lesions

Unwanted blood vessel blemishes can take many forms. Examples include spider veins on the legs, venous lakes (pools of blood on the lips), cherry angiomas (bright red spots on the chest and abdomen), and telangiectasias on the face. 

Acne Treatment


Acne is the most commonly treated dermatologic condition, and doesn't always satisfactorily respond to medication management. You can boost your acne treatment regimen with light settings that target the bacteria associated with acne without the potential side effects of medications!


Clear nail

Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is a difficult condition to treat with suboptimal cure rates from the available oral and topical medications. Significant side effects, medication interactions, and contraindications may also exist for oral medications. Clear nail is a procedure using our Nd:YAG laser to destroy the fungal organisms without harming the toenail or skin around it, and without the potential systemic side effects!

Natural Beauty

Darker skin types

A frequent target of light-based treatments is melanin, which is found in higher concentrations in individuals with darker skin types, and also in individuals with certain ethnic backgrounds (Asia, Latin America, Middle East, etc.). Fortunately, the Candela Nordlys Ellipse has hand pieces and settings to safely and effectively target all of these skin conditions in all skin types!


Starting at $100 per session.

We like to think our prices are pretty reasonable! Prices do depend upon the specific treatment being performed and the surface area being treated. During your complimentary consultation, we will be transparent about the cost of each treatment up front. For frame of reference, our treatments start as low as $100 per session!

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