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Clinical Aesthetics

Certain skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea, can negatively impact the way you feel about yourself. Not only that, but certain aesthetic procedures and skin care regimens can give undesirable results if there's an untreated underlying skin condition. During our complimentary aesthetic consultations, we will always advise our clients when it would be best to first get an underlying skin condition under control before undergoing a planned procedure, and sometimes that requires a prescription-strength medication and periodic monitoring.

What if you don't have a primary care physician who can treat your condition for you? We have good news for you! Dr. Crawford is a licensed, board-certified family physician with extensive experience in dermatology, and we can provide stand-alone clinical aesthetics treatments separate from traditional primary care services. Read on to learn about some of the services we can provide!


Acne is the most commonly treated dermatologic condition, and can affect your skin clarity well beyond the "teenage rash" years! Fortunately, many treatment options exist, allowing us to craft a tailored treatment solution for your particular skin needs, taking into account your skin's sensitivity, your lifestyle, and health history.


Eczema is a condition characterized by chronically dry skin, which is often sensitive and easily irritated. Treatment is aimed at preventing exacerbations of irritated skin, and treating exacerbations when they occu

Skin tags and warts

Skin tags and warts can be unsightly and uncomfortable, since they commonly arise in areas of chafing (such as the necklace line, bra line, and in the groin). Depending on the nature and location of these benign skin overgrowths, and your particular preferences, they can be sharply excised, frozen, or treated with a blistering agent.


Rosacea is actually another form of acne, characterized by blotchy blood vessel eruptions typically on the cheeks and nose, often with acne pustules in this inflamed area. Treatment for rosacea focuses on symptom suppression, and several options exist depending on the predominant symptoms you experience.


Melasma is a challenging condition to recognize and treat, although treatments do exist and can mitigate flares!  Dr. Crawford is well equipped to properly screen for appropriate treatments, and provide appropriate monitoring throughout.

Weight loss

Although not a skin-specific concern, weight loss is a very popular requested service, and for good reason. Not only do you want to look good, but you want to reduce the health risks associated with being overweight and obese. Talk to us to see how we can assist with your weight loss journey! Note: this is best managed as part of a primary care membership.

So how does it work?

Ready to get started?

If you have a skin concern you'd like to treat medically, simply schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Crawford! You'll receive a comprehensive review of your medical history, a pertinent physical examination, a diagnosis of your concern, and recommendations for treatment.​ There's no pressure to begin treatment right away, but there's always the option to do so if you wish.

When it makes sense to begin treatment, we'll assess a one-time treatment fee (depending on the nature of your skin condition) which encompasses any communications and visits necessary to manage your condition through a specified period of time (typically three months), and if additional visits are necessary, these can be continued at a per-visit consideration. No insurance is necessary, since we don't bill insurance through our office!

If prescription management is necessary for your condition, we have the option to order and supply medications through our office at wholesale prices, or send it to your preferred pharmacy. If lab monitoring is required, we can draw labs within the office and send off either with wholesale cash prices or under your insurance plan, or send you to a local lab facility for a lab draw.

There are a number of things we can do with this model, but there are a few things we're not set up for, such as isotretinoin (Accutane) prescribing, skin cancer treatment, and primary care concerns beyond the specific skin condition you're having treated, although you're welcome to sign up for our primary care membership!

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