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Skin care with AlumierMD

A properly selected skin care regimen is the foundation to looking and feeling your best. Your skin is uniquely yours and deserves a customized approach to your specific cleansing, moisturizing, and clinical needs, using high-quality ingredients backed by research you can trust. That's why we at Dogwood Medical Aesthetics have chosen to partner with AlumierMD for our physician-only skin care products. When you purchase AlumierMD from us, you can be absolutely confident that you're receiving award-winning products along with a complimentary consultation with our trained providers to be sure you're appropriately targeting your skin care concerns.

AlumierMD is also our preferred product line for our advanced medical facial peels, with customizable options to target your unique concerns. We only perform superficial and medium-depth peels, and strictly follow neutralizing protocols for those peels that require neutralization. 

We carry an inventory of AlumierMD products for direct purchase, and we can also direct-ship to your house, no matter where in the country you happen to be! You can also reorder directly through our AlumierMD website!

Read on to learn about just a few of the products available by AlumierMD!


The start of an effective skin care regimen includes properly cleaning your skin twice a day. AlumierMD has a cleanser for every skin needs, from acne-prone skin to sensitive skin, and everything in between.


After cleansing, the next most important step is moisturizing. AlumierMD's moisturizers are formulated to be the perfect partner with cleansing, and can be customized based on the season and other variables.


Sun-related damage is the most common source of unwanted skin appearance challenges, so don't forget to apply SPF for daytime protection!

Shop directly at our AlumierMD page today!

Skin care consultation

The best skin care results come from a carefully crafted skin care regimen, designed especially for you by a trained practioner like our esthetician Nancy and Dr. Crawford. Not all skin care innovations are ideal for all skin types or conditions, and we want you to look and feel great with the satisfaction of knowing that you are using products that match your needs! Our skin care consultations are always complimentary, so schedule yours today!

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