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Beauty is a reflection of the light within.

A life well-lived shows its marks. Soften the effects of aging and enhance your natural beauty with our comprehensive menu of aesthetics treatments.


Smiling Portrait


Botox, Dysport, Xeomin

Soften deep wrinkles on the face by targeting frown lines, bunny lines, crow's feet, and more.

Young Model

Dermal fillers

Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra

Reduce deep wrinkles while enhancing the definition of facial features.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal

Candela Nordlys

Time to stop shaving and waxing with permanent hair removal.

Freckled Skin

Laser dark spot removal

Candela Nordlys

Target your unwanted benign pigmented lesions.

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Natural Beauty

Facial rejuvenation

Peels, microdermabrasion, lasers

Enhance the natural luster of your face by removing layers of dead skin.

Lower Body

Body contouring


Melt away pockets of body fat while toning underlying muscle.

All services are proposed and subject to availability at time of opening. Images on this site do not guarantee similar results.


Botulinum toxins are the most-requested aesthetic service and have been safely used for decades for cosmetic purposes with the first FDA approval granted in 2002. Several brands now exist, all producing similar effects. Neuromodulators are great for deep wrinkles that show up with facial movements, such as frown lines, crow's feet, and bunny lines. Although they can be used to manage deep wrinkles once they start, they are also excellent at preventing deep wrinkles before they even start!

Service menu (cost per unit):







Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are the next most-requested aesthetic service, and are excellent at managing deep wrinkles which are present at rest. These lines include marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses, and can diminish the appearance of features like vertical lip lines and chin creases. They can also add definition to sunken cheeks or temples, and enhance lips. Hyaluronic acid (Juvederm and Restylane product lines) and poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra Aesthetic) are commonly used agents, and are either naturally-occurring skin components or are FDA-approved synthetic materials that are safely resorbed by your skin. Dermal fillers can be complementary to neuromodulators, as each treatment targets different skin appearance challenges!

Pricing varies based on your desired results, product selection, and number of syringes needed to achieve your desired result. Don't worry, at your complimentary consultation we will provide a transparent service quote for you!

Facial rejuvenation

Aesthetics studies consistently show that we view aging primarily through the quality of our skin appearance. Dull, thick, lifeless appearing skin conveys a sense of aging, whereas smooth, fine, lustrous skin conveys a sense of youth. Our facial rejuvenation products include a range of gentle and medium intensity facial peels which can be tailored to your skin's unique needs and challenges. Additionally, we use diamond microdermabrasion to slough off layers of dead skin cells to brighten your skin's appearance. Radiofrequency micro needling can be used to tighten skin and revise scarring. You can even combine facial peels with microdermabrasion or micro needling for a cumulative effect!

Service menu:

Facial peel:


Micro needling:

Combined treatments:





Laser hair removal

Tired of waxing and shaving? Laser hair removal is a near-permanent solution to unwanted facial and body hair. We use the Candela Nordlys device, which incorporates a variety of wavelengths so that we can safely target hair removal for any skin type. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Service menu:

Laser dark spot removal

Dark spots, age spots, freckles: these blemishes may be coming between you and your satisfaction with your appearance. Our Candela Nordlys laser is capable of permanently removing unwanted dark spots.

It's important that only benign spots are treated with laser therapy. That's why your consultation will always be with Dr. Crawford who will perform a careful skin examination to ensure it's safe to target these spots. That's good to know!

Also, telangiectasias and other benign vascular lesions are effectively targeted by our device!

Pricing depends on surface area needing treatment. Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Body contouring

You're doing all the right things: you're adhering to a mindful dietary plan and maintaining an active lifestyle. And yet there are still pockets of wanted body fat that stubbornly resist your best efforts at trimming them away. If this is you, we can help! Physiq is a novel device that uses a specific laser frequency to target and destroy fat cells under the skin without adversely affecting the skin coloration or hair distribution. Additionally, Physiq can be programmed to stimulate muscle fiber contraction in the treatment area, providing a toning effect. You can pair both treatments in a stepwise fashion for the best of both worlds! This device can target your abdomen, flanks, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks, including multiple target areas in one session!

Service menu (per area):

Electrical muscle stimulation:

Laser fat reduction:

Combination of both treatments:

Additional discounts for treating multiple areas!




Head over to our FAQs page if you have more questions!

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